Wrongful / Accidental Death

Wrongful Death Private Investigators

At Trusted Eye Investigations, we understand the profound impact of losing a loved one under  circumstances that suggest negligence or deliberate harm. Our wrongful death investigation services are designed to provide families with the evidence needed to pursue justice and compensation through civil litigation. In California, wrongful death claims allow the deceased’s loved ones to seek damages for their loss, guided by statutes such as the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 377.60.

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Wrongful / Accidental Death Investigations
Wrongful / Accidental Death Investigations

Focused Areas of Wrongful Death Investigations


(Excluding aviation incidents and medical malpractice) 

Workplace Accidents: Investigating employer negligence, safety protocol breaches, and conditions that may have led to a fatal incident. 

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect: Documenting evidence of care standards violations that result in the wrongful death of a resident. 

DUI Cases: Establishing the circumstances and liability in accidents caused by driving under the influence, leading to fatal outcomes. 

Criminal Acts: Including homicide, focusing on gathering evidence that supports a wrongful death claim beyond initial law enforcement findings. 

    Our Investigative Approach


    Evidence Collection: We meticulously review police reports, witness statements, and available  surveillance footage to construct a detailed timeline and narrative of the events leading to the wrongful death. 

    Expert Testimony: Our investigators are prepared to provide expert testimony in court, detailing the findings of our investigation to support the wrongful death claim. 

    Legal Collaboration: We work closely with legal teams, ensuring that our investigative efforts align with the legal strategy and enhance the wrongful death case’s strength.

      Why Choose Trusted Eye Investigations?

      Specialized Expertise: With a deep understanding of California law and wrongful death claims, our team  is equipped to handle the complexities of these sensitive cases. 

      Ethical and Legal Compliance: Our investigations are conducted with the highest standards of integrity,  ensuring that all evidence is obtained legally and ethically, making it admissible in court. 

      Compassionate Service: Recognizing the emotional toll of wrongful death cases, we approach each investigation with empathy and respect for the grieving process, maintaining open and sensitive communication with our clients.

      Accidental Death Private Investigations

      If you are grappling with the loss of a loved one due to suspected negligence or a deliberate act, Trusted  Eye Investigations offers the professional and compassionate investigative support you need. Our 

      expertise in wrongful death investigations can help uncover the truth and provide the evidence necessary to seek justice and compensation. 

      Reach out to us to discuss how our wrongful death investigation services can assist you during this challenging time, ensuring your loved one’s story is heard and honored within the framework of  California law.

      Wrongful / Accidental Death Investigations

      Finding you the facts is our mission.

      If you have experienced the death of one of your family members, friends, employees, associates, or others, we will get to work figuring out what happened.

      Your Number One Trusted Investigative Agency

      Opting for Trusted Eye Investigations means choosing a partner committed to discretion, integrity, and professionalism. Our California-based team excels in navigating legal and privacy complexities, ensuring our work is both ethical and lawful. You can count on us to provide clarity and assurance when the truth matters.

      Contact us today to explore how our Wrongful Death Investigations services can meet your needs, guaranteeing peace of mind. Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you.

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