Cohabitation & Alimony

What are Cohabitation and Alimony Investigations?

Trusted Eye Investigations specializes in cohabitation and alimony investigations, which are crucial for  clients facing challenges with spousal support orders in California. Our expertise is grounded in a  comprehensive understanding of the legal standards, particularly the significance of an ex-spouse’s  cohabitation, under California Family Code 4323 (a) (1). This law considers cohabitation a “change in  circumstances” that may warrant a reassessment of spousal support, offering a pathway for modifying  support orders based on new evidence. 

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Cohabitation & Alimony
Cohabitation & Alimony

Tailored Approach to Uncover the Truth

Utilizing a tailored approach that respects California’s privacy laws and legal guidelines, Trusted Eye  Investigations conducts detailed surveillance and analysis to reveal instances of cohabitation that could impact spousal support arrangements. Our methods are designed to provide our clients with the  evidence to present a compelling case in court. 

    How Our Services Make a Difference:

    • Surveillance Expertise: Focusing on discretion and effectiveness, our surveillance operations are crucial to documenting the nature of the cohabitant relationship and providing visual proof of cohabitation. 

    • Social Media Analysis: Our investigators also harness the power of social media monitoring to gather additional evidence that may indicate a change in lifestyle or living arrangements. 

    • Legal Advocacy Enhancement: Our investigations enrich legal strategies for alimony payment adjustments. By focusing on actionable evidence gathering, such as cohabitation verification and lifestyle analysis, we provide robust support for legal arguments without delving into direct financial investigations.

    Southern California Experts in Alimony and Cohabitation Concerns

    At Trusted Eye Investigations, we understand how accurate and legally sound investigations can impact family law matters. Our team is here to assist whether you’re seeking to adjust spousal support due to an ex-spouse’s cohabitation or need evidence to challenge existing alimony arrangements. Our investigative services are designed not just to uncover the facts but to do so in a way that supports your objectives  within the legal process. 

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    If you suspect that changes in your ex-spouse’s living situation may affect your spousal support  obligations, acting promptly and with professional support is crucial. Trusted Eye Investigations offers the  expertise and discreet investigation services needed to navigate these complex issues. 

    Contact us for a consultation on how our cohabitation and alimony investigation services can help you  achieve a fair and justified outcome in your family law case. Let us provide the clarity and evidence to  make informed decisions and protect your financial interests.

    Cohabitation & Alimony

    Uncover the truth about ex-spousal alimony fraud and cohabitation.

    Our Trusted Eye Investigation private detectives will uncover the truth about cohabitation and alimony fraud. If you need information that is reliable and accurate, contact our team now.

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    Opting for Trusted Eye Investigations means choosing a partner committed to discretion, integrity, and professionalism. Our California-based team excels in navigating legal and privacy complexities, ensuring our work is both ethical and lawful. You can count on us to provide clarity and assurance when the truth matters.

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