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Family Law Private Investigator

At Trusted Eye Investigations, we understand the complexities and emotional toll of family law matters.  Whether you’re navigating child custody issues, facing a divorce, or dealing with suspicions of infidelity,  our specialized family law investigative services are designed to provide you with the clarity and  evidence needed to make informed decisions and protect your interests. 

Family Law Investigations

Some Reasons You Should Hire a Private Investigator for Family Law:

Our team brings expertise across various aspects of family law, employing strategic investigations to  address concerns around parental fitness, child support, alimony, and more without engaging in direct  financial probes. Here’s a closer look at how we can support your case: 

Parental Fitness Investigations: Our work can reveal insights into parenting habits and lifestyles, crucial for child custody considerations. 

Lifestyle and Condition Documentation: For matters influencing child support and alimony, we compile evidence of living conditions and lifestyle indicators that reflect on financial responsibilities and capabilities. 

Infidelity Investigations: We approach these sensitive inquiries with the utmost discretion, providing clear evidence for personal decision-making or legal proceedings. 

Domestic Safety Assessments: Our investigations into domestic violence are conducted with care to ensure the safety and well-being of those involved.

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Family Law Private Investigation Help

Trusted Eye Investigations was engaged in a notable divorce case by a petitioner who suspected their  spouse of concealing actual income from a cash-based business. This deception was a critical factor in  financial declarations and settlement negotiations.

Investigation Insights: 

Extended Surveillance: Our team conducted surveillance operations over six months at the respondent’s business and residence, meticulously documenting unreported cash transactions. 

Critical Evidence Collection: Our video evidence provided undeniable proof of underreported income,  significantly impacting the case’s direction. 

Strategic Outcome: Armed with our findings, the client’s legal team negotiated a far more favorable  settlement than initially anticipated, correcting the imbalance created by the respondent’s dishonesty.

Family Law Investigations
Cohabitation & Alimony

Why Choose Trusted Eye Investigations?

Targeted Expertise in Family Law: Our investigators are skilled in general investigative techniques and  deeply understand the nuances of family law investigations. 

Commitment to Ethical Practices: We obtain all evidence through legal and ethical means, ensuring it can robustly support your case in any legal setting. 

Client-Centric Approach: At Trusted Eye Investigations, your peace of mind and case success are our top priorities. We’re here to support you through challenging times with professionalism and sensitivity.

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Facing family law challenges demands more than just legal strategy; it requires concrete evidence and insights that only a professional investigation can provide. Trusted Eye Investigations stands ready to assist you with the thorough, discreet, and effective investigation services you need to navigate your family law matter confidently. 

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Opting for Trusted Eye Investigations means choosing a partner committed to discretion, integrity, and professionalism. Our California-based team excels in navigating legal and privacy complexities, ensuring our work is both ethical and lawful. You can count on us to provide clarity and assurance when the truth matters.

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