Criminal Defense Investigations

Civil and Criminal Defense Private Investigation Agency

Trusted Eye Investigations specializes in criminal defense investigations that support defense attorneys  and their clients. Our mission is to uncover and compile evidence that might prove innocence,  demonstrate mitigating circumstances, or reveal inconsistencies in the prosecution’s narrative. We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to re-examining case files, re-interviewing witnesses, scrutinizing discovery documents, and conducting thorough crime scene examinations. 

Civil/Criminal Defense Investigations
Civil/Criminal Defense Investigations

Why Should I Hire a Civil or Criminal Defense Private Investigator?

A compelling demonstration of our investigative impact involved a client facing first-degree murder  charges under dire circumstances. Accused of fatally shooting an individual known for gang affiliations  and aggressive behavior, our client was at risk of a life-altering sentence. The prosecution’s narrative did  not account for the deceased’s history of violence towards our client and the immediate threat he posed during the incident. 

Investigative Breakthroughs

  • Discovery Review: A deep dive into case documents highlighted gaps in the initial investigation,  particularly the absence of witness interviews that could provide alternative perspectives on the  incident. 
  • Witness Testimony: Our diligent efforts to locate and interview previously overlooked witnesses revealed  the deceased’s reputation as a neighborhood intimidator and his prior violent encounter with our client. 
  • Self-Defense Strategy: Armed with new testimonies and evidence, we supplied the defense attorney with  the tools to reframe the narrative around self-defense, significantly impacting the case’s direction. 
  • Outcome: This thorough investigation culminated in negotiating a plea deal to a lesser manslaughter charge, significantly reducing our client’s potential sentence. This case underscores the value of a  proactive and exhaustive investigative process in securing more favorable client outcomes.
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Why Trusted Eye Investigations?

  • Expertise in Criminal Defense: Our team’s profound understanding of the intricacies of criminal defense  and California’s legal landscape enables us to identify and pursue avenues that others might overlook or deem inconsequential. 
  • Strategic evidence Gathering: From revisiting the alleged crime scene to harnessing the power of witness  testimonies that challenge the prosecution’s claims, our strategic approach is designed to fortify the  defense’s case.
  • Collaboration with Legal Teams: We work in lockstep with attorneys, ensuring our findings are seamlessly  integrated into the broader defense strategy, enhancing the case’s overall strength.

Engage Our Services for Your Defense Needs

Trusted Eye Investigations delivers investigative excellence that can make a decisive difference in civil and criminal defense cases. Whether you’re confronting charges or seeking justice, our team is here to  unearth the facts that can guide the course of litigation toward a more favorable outcome. 

For a free consultation or to learn more about how our criminal defense investigation services can assist  your case, contact Trusted Eye Investigations today. Let our expertise be your advantage in navigating the  complexities of the legal system.


Civil/Criminal Defense Investigations

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