Trusted Private Investigation Services in Del Mar, CA

Family Surveillance Investigations and Background Checks in Del Mar, CA

Are you dealing with spousal and family issues in Del Mar, CA, and need extra information but don’t know where to go? Is your spouse attempting to gain custody of your child? Most of these cases can be financially and mentally straining. Fortunately, Trusted Eye Investigations specializes in these types of cases. Our expertise covers all family law matters, including:

  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support Disputes
  • Infidelity
  • Cohabitation
  • and more

We can run bug sweeps to make sure a third-party source is not monitoring your home or business. Dealing with family issues is tough; let Trusted Eye Investigations minimize your stress in Del Mar, CA.

Family Surveillance Investigations and Background Checks in Del Mar, CA
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Cohabitation Investigation Services in Del Mar, CA

How Can Proof of Cohabitation Affect Spousal Support in Del Mar, CA?

In Del Mar, CA, cohabitation can be grounds for the reduction of spousal support. If your ex has entered a new romantic relationship in which they are living with their new partner, Trusted Eye can gather proof to help lower your spousal support payments. Social media, witness testimony, and documentary evidence can all be used to prove cohabitation in Del Mar, CA. Whether you require a background investigation or private surveillance, our team is here to help.

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Background checks serve many different purposes. Deciding whether or not you need to conduct background checks is simple.

You should run an informative background check if you are involved in:

  • business activities,
  • allowing someone into your home for babysitting,
  • untrusting of a current spouse.

Trusted Eye Investigations can execute these background checks flawlessly and discreetly. After receiving our services, you will feel confident and satisfied knowning the truth. Del Mar, CA, is unique because of its culture, history, and people. If you live here and want to be more informed, call Trusted Eye Investigations.

Del Mar, CA, Private Investigator For Hire
Person Locating Services in Del Mar, CA

How To Locate an Individual in Del Mar, CA

If someone you know has left and you need to track them, then person location investigations will help you find them in a timely manner. We have mastered the art of tracking down individuals at Trusted Eye Investigation because of our knowledge of privacy instigators. These individuals we track may be fleeing to avoid legal or personal issues.

We work quietly to not tip off the person whom we are locating. If you need a person to locate investigations in Del Mar, CA, contact a reputable investigative agency.